For over 20 years, OMC Outdoor Products continue to be the leading designer and manufacturer of Controllers for boat-lifts. Controllers are specifically designed for unparalleled speed and quality. Experience a full product line of styles for all floating boat-lift designs. Enjoy the flexibility of several mounting and operating options that best fit your customer’s needs.

Manual-Operated Controllers
Manual-operated valves require users to manually turn handles to raise and lower boat-lifts. Controllers are can be mounted directly onto the sock or on the dock post keeping walkway clutter-free.

  • Deck-Mount Controller
  • Post-Mount Controller


OEM/Custom Controllers
Be Different. Be Authentic. Be Original. Personalize your Controller with available private labeling, aesthetic design, and/or custom design. Some of the custom designs we have done are:

  • Custom Aesthetics
  • Remote Control
  • 12-volt DC Battery
  • Solar

Why Outsource Controller Manufacturing?
Not all floating boat-lifts are created equal. OMC Outdoor Products simplifies the manufacturing process for lift manufacturers by removing hard and soft overhead costs/hassles associated with Controllers. We’ve built just about every design conceptualized and continue to pioneer and introduce new trend-setting designs to the market. Manufacturing of Controllers can be accomplished in a variety of ways:

  • Custom design and/or aesthetics
  • Outsource with your own parts/components
  • Other arrangement
Features & Specifications | Models

Deck-Mount Controllers

Manual-Operated Deck-Mount Controllers are operated by turning of handles to raise/lower boat-lift. Controllers are mounted onto the dock walkway for easy accessibility. Universally compatible with any floating boat-lift style or brand.

  • Universally compatible with any floating boat lift brand.
  • Models available for lifts up to 20,000+ lbs.
  • User-friendly design for operation simplicity.
  • Quick and easy installation directly out-of-box.
  • Easy access for maintenance.
  • Two-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • All fittings and manifold powder-coated for maximum rust protection.
  • Air pressure-tested valves and fittings.
  • U.S.-born 120v high-CFM 2-stage blower motors.
  • Sealed motor end-bearings for maximum moisture protection.
  • Motors equipped with motor-can hold-down bracket and optional pest screen.
  • GFCI-protected – meets all Corp. of Engineers requirements.
  • UV-resistant marine-grade roto-molded Polyethylene cover.
  • Lid key lock with two matching keys.
    (* Hasp-lock available on selected models only.)
  • Full-flow valve designs for maximum airflow operation.
OEM Custom Controllers

The sky is the limit when it comes to aesthetics. We provide aesthetic options such as custom housing colors, unique LED options such as lighting up the Controller at night, and/or other functional items such as using a hasp
lock instead of a key-lock.

From a design perspective, if you have a heavy-lift over 20,000 lbs. and need some serious horsepower, require full-flow 1-1/4” valves for faster up/down efficiencies, or somehow have a need for 4+ supply hoses going out to 4+ boat-lift tanks using a single housing, we do these designs on a regular basis.

Outsource with your own parts-components If you prefer to use your own existing design, but want to eliminate hassles by outsourcing Controller manufacturing, we can do that for you. Simply provide us with your preferred parts or components you want to use and we will build it for you. Many lift manufacturers do this so they can better focus on doing what they do best: building and selling boat-lifts.

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